Welcome! I’m Melissa, the mom & writer behind Healthy First Foods. I’m an advocate of sanity and health, a lover of delicious food & a mom of two under two. *drinks large gulp of coffee…*

I have one rule when it comes to healthy cooking: Eat more of the healthy stuff more often, but don’t lose my mind over it. Food should never be anxiety or stress; judgement or worry. For every successful meal (easy! pretty! actually eaten!) there’s a slew of flops (rejected frittata! sorry that was so gross! let’s order takeout!). One ‘healthy’ meal won’t make my family healthy, just as one ‘unhealthy’ meal won’t make us unhealthy.

Some days are certainly easier than others, so I keep it as simple as possible. I use minimal ingredients and prefer simple recipes that have as much hands-off time as possible (because kids). 

When my daughter turned 6 months and started solids, I began a search for healthy meal ideas — first to introduce food, then to have as snacks, then to make as family meals. I discovered the joy of Baby Led Weaning and also read a ton of unnecessarily scary information on what “healthy” meant. It was overwhelming.

As I played more in the kitchen, I became very passionate about making accessible, simple, healthy meals that the whole family could enjoy together.

If you are new to the site, I recommend reading through the blog for tips and commentary, browsing the recipes for ideas and checking out what I’m currently making in my kitchen. If you are interested in baby led weaning, I recommend reading the articles here to help get you started. Also, follow me on Instagram to ask me questions or see what I’m cooking!

Here’s to making your kitchen a happy one!