10 Easy Foods to Prep & Dip

When my daughter went wild over dip, I was so focused on getting the dips on her plate that I didn’t put much thought into the kinds of things that would be best to dip with. I may have accidentally bought decaf coffee beans without knowing it, but my brain wasn’t connecting the dips dots. Long story firm, thin, vertical-shaped foods are best for any age range because they can hold, eat and dip without getting their fingers too dirty.

So, to those equally struggling parents, I present 10 easy foods to prep & dip with:

  1. Toast Stickstoast & slice into vertical sticks. Same idea for waffles or pancakes — just cut in a stick shape! Wonderful option for sweet dips at breakfast.
  2. Roasted Green Beanstoss in olive oil & roast at 425* for approximately 10 minutes, flipping once, to keep tender crisp
  3. Raw Apple Slicesslice super thin for young eaters to prevent a choking risk; thicker for more mature eaters
  4. Steamed Carrot Sticksslice (or buy pre sliced sticks) and lightly steam for approximately 10 minutes to make soft but still firm when held. Amazing for snacks if you’re like me and trying to find more veggie snacks!
  5. Pear Sliceswhen ripe, pears are a bit less firm than apples, so slices can be thicker even for younger eaters
  6. Oval Meatballs instead of rolling into a sphere, roll into a longer, oval shape for easier holding and dipping
  7. Chicken Stripscut boneless chicken breast into smaller fajita sized strips for easy holding and dipping
  8. Crunchy LettuceI love the crunchy part of romaine lettuce or white iceberg lettuce because it’s firm enough to hold it’s shape and doesn’t stick to the inside of their mouths like softer lettuces do. Cut into finger-food sized rectangles or strips.
  9. Healthy Yummy Fries cut yukon potatoes (low glycemic index) into thin wedges, toss with olive oil and rosemary and a bit of parmesan cheese and bake at 375*, stirring a few times until soft on the inside and crisp on the outside. These are good enough your kid may not even ask for dip, actually.
  10. Snow Peaseither wash and serve raw (the skins are edible) or boil for a softer skin. I love them raw with the chickpea smash!