3 Sweet Dips for Kids

Sweeter dips are a perfect pairing for breakfast or snack items, where bread or fruit tend to make regular appearances. These three dips require only 2-3 ingredients and a fork and bowl to blend — and I’ve included some ideas on what to serve them with to max out the yumminess!

Greek Yogurt + Maple Syrup

Protein, calcium and something sweet: just add a small drizzle of pure maple syrup to greek yogurt (you can thin it out a tiny bit with water if you want it less thick) and stir until incorporated and smooth. So good!

Goes well with: buckwheat pancakes, sliced fruit

Banana + Orange Juice
This tastes like sunshine — smash a ripe banana until smooth and squeeze half an orange, stirring well. You get fiber, potassium and Vitamin C!

Goes well with: sliced apples or pears or whole wheat blueberry scones

Almond Butter + Cinnamon + Almond Milk
You can use a blender, but I find a fork and some elbow grease works just as well: Sprinkle cinnamon over almond butter (or any nut butter you prefer) and add a splash of almond or coconut milk until thinned out enough for easy dipping. By adding the extra liquid, you also remove that “stickiness” that can often be a choking or gagging hazard for little eaters.

Goes well with: whole grain toast sticks, sliced apples, waffles