Dip Dip Dip

My 18-month-old has gone b-a-n-a-n-a-s for dip. Like, maniacal. Totally OCD. Has. Completely. Lost. Her. Sh*t. Over. It.

She repeats “doop doop” over and over and over (and over) again, until she gets the fix. She points the the fridge and falls down crying. She brings us little dipping cups or small bowls and flails her entire body onto the ground, screaming “doop doop! doop doop! doop doop!”

Like any person being living under the demands of a mini dictator, I plopped whatever dip-like thing I happened to have on hand (mustard) and added “research healthy dips” to a long to-do list. I have to be honest, my list is long and she’s been eating mustard with apples, eggs, fish, pasta and strawberries for the past month and she has the yellow shirt stains to prove it.

Dips are fantastic for a few reasons: 1) they are an opportunity to practice hand-eye coordination, 2) they are another opportunity to get in healthy fats or other nutrients in at snack or mealtime and 3) they are a fun way to introduce new flavors or flavor combinations (curry, herbs, paprika and lemon to name a few).

Thanks to an AMAZING kid-share co-op I’m in with a few mom friends, I had this morning off (well, 1 hour off), and enjoyed a HOT cappuccino while writing up a few ideas on healthy & EASY (2-3 ingredients tops) dips.

Hope you dip it! I mean…dig it!