The Only Pumpkin Anything You’ll Ever Need

Consider this a PSA before autumn is over. Go to a Trader Joe’s RIGHT NOW and buy all the pumpkin butters

Then, make a mental note to do all of these things so you can stop spending money on “meh” seasonal pumpkin items and have something even better year-round.

  1. Add a tiny spoonful into plain greek yogurt.

  2. Mix into applesauce and then use the applesauce mixture instead of oil when baking muffins.

  3. Spread a light layer of whipped cream cheese on a whole wheat english muffin, then spread a thin layer of pumpkin butter over that.

  4. Mix into warm steel cut oats or add into your basic overnight oats recipe.

  5. Spread on a flatbread and top with caramelized onions, spinach,  and cheese (recommend blue, goat or gouda) and a drizzle of Mikes Hot Honey (or red pepper flakes if you like) for the adults or spice-OK kids.